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Art, Music, Culture:
The CounterIntelligence Experience

A new genre in art has emerged and it’s called CounterIntelligence. On October 14th, CounterIntelligence turned the Mannahatta lounge into a unique display of art and an experience to remember. Using two dimensional art, television, projectors, music, and live performance, the group addressed the current happenings in today’s society, reflected their personal opinions, and suggested what the media might be omitting, all in a unique and energetic experience.

The night began with an interesting art show. Paintings were displayed along side televisions running a compilation of television, cartoon, film, and original clips. This progressed into a presentation of the two combined, expressing the art in a mixture of medias. But this was only the beginning. The artists wanted participants to first experience all they had to show from an outside point of view, to observe the various mediums from afar before submerging themselves into it directly.

The second stage of the show did just this. Each person then descended into the lower lounge to enter the world of the art. Here the previous images were projected on the back wall, while CounterIntelligence rocked out in the middle of the room. This set up allowed participants to feel as though they were part of the experience and not just watching a show.

For two hours the band kept playing songs that kept audience members entertained, including mostly original pieces, such as "We Got Tonight," "I Want It All," and crowd favorite "She Walks." If the music didn’t keep you going, the projections were certainly amusing. An array of clips continuously flowed, including political and pop figures, images of war, Martha Stewart, the Brittany-Madonna kiss, Colin Powell, the Simpsons, and a G.I. Joe clip featuring George W. Bush and Osama Bin Laden. Even during the break the show kept going with an impressive display of break-dancing.

The band front man, Ben Moon, and cousin Francesco Civetta kept the night high on energy, talent, and entertainment. The rest of the group consists of John Rosenfeld, John Linchytz, and Sibee Cheran—all of whom are also related, an aspect that members say adds to their sound. Described as a combination of '60s rock, blues, soul, and alternative rock, their work is also said to be greatly influenced by the late '60s performance art. The idea is to transform a space into living art, something the group seemed to have no trouble doing.

The group described their message as that of a "counter spin" of the media. The spin on the news from the media needs to be deconstructed to see what is missing. This missing information or "decoded news" is CounterIntelligence’s focus. But they see CounterIntelligence not just as a name, but also as a movement.

Along with these performances, the group is exploring many different avenues, including fashion design and television series. CounterIntelligence has been a mostly underground movement, but is now ready to make the step into public light. The October 14th show, CounterIntelligence101, was to be the introductory chapter to their movement. Their next show, October 30th, will be their next chapter, introducing another side of CounterIntelligence. This show, CounterIntelligence 102: History of Sex, will be at the Museum of Sex, benefiting Education for Teenage Pregnancy and AIDS. Be sure to be on the lookout for more news on CounterIntelligence in the future. For more information check out their website at www.counterintelligence101.com.


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