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BIGBreakNY: How did you get started in the industry?
REGINA FLEMING: I became a model by way of acting. I studied acting in New York City and was really involved in the industry. After hearing on a regular basis that I looked like a model and "you should model," I considered the suggestion and I hence my career began. I began by doing research on modeling; by speaking to other models and reading books on modeling. In theory, modeling is a business and you need to treat it as a business. I held a full-time job for several years, something I recommend everyone doing until they get established in the industry.

BBNY: How does one get representation (an agent)?
RF: There are several ways to get representation. One being, going to a modeling agencies open call. Be prepared and look your best.

Second, a referral. Referrals are always really good. When I mean referrals, I mean referrals that come from industry professionals of good character.

Thirdly, know your market. You must be realistic about how people see you. Modeling is so stereotyped. Everyone sees those tall and beautiful types. There are many other categories one may fit into--parts models, petite, commercial print types, and full-figured models. There are many different types of modeling. LEARN AND KNOW YOUR MARKET. Very, very important if you want to be successful.

BBNY: What would you say the average pay for a model is?
RF: This varies from person to person and job to job. A model can make from $150.00 an hour to a million dollars or more for a cosmetic contract.

BBNY: What are some words of wisdom you can give to people trying to break into the industry?
RF: Self-assessment, learn the business of the business. Be prepared for rejection. Did you know models get more rejection in one single week than the average person gets in a lifetime? Parents if you are thinking of putting your kids in the industry, make sure that it's something that they want to do. Do not pressure them into something that they don't want to do. And for those of you who are aspiring models, keep developing other parts of yourself on your way to developing your model career. Not many become supermodels overnight.


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