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Alex Abrahantes

Alex has always been a determined person. Throughout his entire life people always tried to dissuade him from achieving his goals because they felt they were too difficult. Alex knew that he could do anything if he put his mind to it and worked hard. Working hard paid off for Alex as he achieved many of his dreams. He graduated from Penn State University; he became a professional wrestler; and he achieved his lifelong career goal of working for the WWE (formerly the WWF).

Alex then made a career change and followed his dreams of performing and entertaining. So Alex decided to pound the streets of New York City looking for acting, modeling, and voiceover work. As he began working on several projects, he also began to network and make connections. While he dreamed about getting his big break, he also knew that he wanted to help out others in the process.

After viewing other entertainment industry websites and working for one, Alex noticed that there wasn't a website out there that contained a complete reference guide to the entertainment industry as a whole. Too often he would have to view one website for one thing and another website for the other.

He decided to enlisted the help of his friends Anthony, Georgio, and Jeremy. Alex and company set out to build a legitimate resource website for ALL entertainers! His goal is to finally have a website out there that everyone in the entertainment industry can come to for the most up-to-date, complete information you need to know to help you get your BIG BREAK!

It is Alex's sincere hope that this site will bring opportunities to those who believe in themselves and follow their dreams no matter what anyone else tries to tell them.

To contact Alex, e-mail him at Alex@bigbreakny.com.


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