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Dominic of DMDJs and Michele of Bobby's World

For Dominic and Michele, partying isn't just a lifestyle, it's a full-time job. Learn how DMDJs and Bobby's World help people have a good time, what it takes to get someone out on the dance floor, and why partying isn't always just fun and games.

James Huffman

Like a bat-wielding principal in a troubled high school, James Huffman turned a floundering program into a burgeoning resource for actors looking to further their knowledge and make invaluable connections in the entertainment world. Find out what he gained from The Audition Experience, and what these seminars can do for you.

Vinnie Potestivo

At 24, this man is already one of the most influential men in television among the younger demographic. Meet Vinnie Potestivo, MTV manager and director of talent development and casting. Find out how he got his start, and what you should know if you want to be on MTV.

Marisa Pell

What is she, psychic? The founder of Knowledge for Living may not own a crystal ball or perform seances, but she knows what she's talking about. Learn how the alignment of your energies can affect your chances for getting your big break, and so much more in this in-depth interview.

Jimmy Floyd

Get to know the casting director and award-winning producer. Learn about this multi-talented young man's career, beginning with his salad days playing a young Jackie Gleason in a TV movie. Also: to go union or not to go union?

Lights On for Sande Shurin

Read an in-depth interview with the author of Transformational Acting. Find out what makes a star really shine, and why The Rolling Stones are great role models for aspiring actors.


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