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What If "SEINFELD" Had Never Gone Off the Air?

What if it were a show about something and not about nothing? Where would the show be if it weren't for Jerry, George, Kramer and Elaine?

For those nine years, "SEINFELD" had filled our living rooms with laughter, laughter and even more laughther. It had been a must-see TV comedy series every Thursday night. Co-creators Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld redefined the word comedy with their whimsical talent and clever writing.

The show took place in New York, or the back lots in Southern California. The list of characters was superb. Elaine, a get-out type of personality, leapfrogged from job to job before landing one with the J. Peterman Catalog. Between such activities, she bounced from boyfriend to boyfriend, eventually finding David Puddy to keep her tamed. As the series started, her and Jerry were an item, but soon realized that their current situation could never work if they were to remain good friends.

Kramer, on the other hand, needed no introduction, as he made his own, sliding in every two minutes, mooching food and money off of his neighbor, Jerry. He was that tall, lanky, high-haired, high-watered pants guy who made certain situations comical with his crafty humor.

George, slightly insecure, had an opinion on everything and continually moved back into his parents' house until finally reaching a deal with himself. He ignored every sense of good judgment and decided to simply do the opposite. This landed him a job with the New York Yankees, making himself a well-known employee to Mr. Steinbrenner. Being Jerry's longtime friend, they each aided one another in their relationships and dating scene fiasco. My advice to George was that he should have stuck with his made-up, Vandelay Industries and his alter ego, Art Vandelay.

Finally, there was Jerry, a stand-up comedian with an outside knowledge of everyone's life on the show. Living in the cramped, little apartment never bothered him. His humorous situations brought life to the show. And with his archenemy, Newman, always in his way, he had enough obstacles to contend with.

So why did Jerry leave? He leaving TV was like Michael Jordan leaving basketball. All the atmosphere had left with them. But I guess some times you have to leave on top and in your prime.

If you never saw the show, then there is something wrong with you. The bloopers are funnier then some of the dialogue. Reruns are exhibited five days a week on two stations.


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