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Intuitive Intelligence
Your Secret Weapon in the Entertainment World
b y Marisa Liza Pell, M.A.
President of Knowledge for Living, Inc.

Throw away your analytical mind for a bit. Research data will get you far, but paying attention to inner cues will get you further. Your intuitive business sense, sometimes known as the phrase, “I knew it! Why didn’t I just listen to myself??”, is the best secret weapon that you can use in your entertainment career. Not listening to that gut feeling can lead to a whole slew of obstacles in the business of acting.

So how do you develop these skills? Well, sorry guys and gals, but there is no manual or formula to follow. You already have it in you! You were born with senses that alert you in time of danger and cue your physical body when something just isn’t right. But because our culture is trained to think, re-think, and compare data, we dismiss these subtle cues as our own paranoia.

Can you learn to refine these skills? Absolutely! Over time you will get to the point where you “just know” you don’t want to work with that new agent/personal manager/director, etc. In this business, it’s essential to network to increase your visibility. In building this skill set, you’ll be able to know within seconds whether someone will be a profitable networking contact for you.

How many times have you met and spent time, energy, and/or even offered your own services only to learn in the long run that the connection went absolutely nowhere? There are people who say they can help, and there are people that do. You need to be able to separate them within a few minutes so that you don’t go down a dead end road. Better yet, as you test your accuracy, you’ll be able to attend a networking event and only be attracted to those who are aligned with your intentions. Instantly, you’ll be drawn to those who would like a mutually beneficial relationship, and repelled from those who emit a negative attitude.

You might be thinking, “Well, that sounds good on paper, BUT I really like to put all my irons in the fire because I don’t want to miss any opportunities!” You’re right, opportunities are everyone, but how much time do you want to put into pursuing opportunities? Wouldn’t you rather just head straight to your goal instead of firing off a hundred rounds, blindfolded, hoping that one hits?

Just remember, you have all the answers for what’s best for you inside of YOU. No amount of research, data or expertise could provide the insight that your own gut feelings can. Start testing your accuracy by keeping a journal about your initial thoughts regarding business decisions, people you’re hiring and those you meet as networking prospects. You can also use this method to test your accuracy in your personal life as well. You may be surprised by what you find. Have fun!


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