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Intuitive Intelligence: Your Secret Weapon in the Entertainment World

Throw away your analytical mind for a bit. Research data will get you far, but paying attention to inner cues will get you further. Your intuitive business sense, sometimes known as the phrase, “I knew it! Why didn’t I just listen to myself??”, is the best secret weapon that you can use in your entertainment career. Not listening to that gut feeling can lead to a whole slew of obstacles in the business of acting.

Looking for His Next Big Break

Alex Abrahantes knows all about being taken seriously – even as a professional wrestler. Step into the ring and he'll show you how. Originally published on the SkillsUSA website. Reprinted with permission.

Hollywood on the Hudson

Attending a film festival can seem a daunting task for the average movie fan, so I will attempt to de-mystify the process for those of you that skipped this year's second annual Tribeca Film Festival in the hopes that you will seriously consider attending next year's event.

Bend It Like Beckham
and the Rise of the Female Auteur

2002 was a banner year for women filmmakers. More big-screen films were released by women in 2002 than any prior year in the entire history of film. These movies were produced, written, and directed primarily by women, which is a true rarity in the usually male-dominated world of film. Although many of these movies never received more than limited nationwide distribution, some are currently available for perusal at your local DVD store or multiplex.

How Contests Could Work for You

Everyone has a story. It’s this simple belief that rouses people from their beds with the inkling that all they need is a word processing program to compose the next Academy-lauded screenplay. Nobody wakes up and thinks: I’m going to coach the Dallas Cowboys, where do I fax my resume? I’m going to create a violin concerto, where can I pick up some sheet music?

...And Then There Were Five

Gary Cabana and Sonny King give a rundown of the top films nominated for the Academy Awards and weighs in with his opinions on each.

On the Dotted Line

Anyone looking to have a career in entertainment needs to familiarize themselves with the nuances of contract law. Gary Giudice provides ten tips for this thorny issue.


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