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10 Questions with
Commercial Agent

  1. What agency/casting office do you work for?
  2. How long have you been there?
    One year at Paradigm, but I’ve worked in casting, management, etc. before.
  3. What areas do you represent/cast talent in?
    On-camera commercials.
  4. How do you find your talent?
    Mostly through showcases and seminars as well as the occasional personal reference.
  5. Do you prefer color or black-and-white headshots?
    Black and white, color is more for L.A.
  6. Do you attend showcases?
  7. How important is a strong résumé to you?
    Not that strong. Mostly we look at training as well as special skills when it comes to on-camera.
  8. What advice do you have for actors trying to find representation?
    Keep taking classes and seminars. Keep TRAINING. The more training you have the easier it is to be recognized.
  9. Do you like postcards?
    Yes, but only when there is something new going on.
  10. What makes an actor stand out to you?
    Confidence, your natural expression, the way you enter the room and most important that special spark in the people that really need and want to do this. Those are the people you really want to work with.


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